Importance and Uses of Fax Machines

Published: 08th September 2008
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Nowadays fax machines are one of the most important office equipment. This fax machine usually sends and receives a document through a telephone line. Using fax machine (facsimile machine) we can send documents to any point of the world as very convenient and easy. The important feature of the fax machine is that printing technology. Nearly all the fax machines use plain office paper. Inkjet faxes can usually print, copy and fax the text in color. Laser fax machines are also available usually to print sharper text.

Before buying fax machine we have to see the memory storage capacity. Normally fax machines store incoming and outgoing pages in the memory. Since business fax machines are used in most business transactions, these should be reliable in terms of speed. So another import feature considering is that speed. There are so many of variety models coming in Panasonic and Brother printing technologies. In the brother fax machine there are much more facilities available is that automatically paper cutting, auto switching system, automatic redialing, on-hook dialing, journal report preparation, 512KB Memory (20 pages), key lock system, multi ringing sound, 104 station quick dials, up to 20 pages of memory transmission, fax forwarding, polling, speed dialing and so on.

Different types of brand fax machines are available for sales and service in such as brother fax machines, Panasonic fax, brother thermal fax machines, Panasonic thermal fax machines, Panasonic cordless fax machine, laser fax machines, inkjet fax machines and more. Inkjet fax machines are faster and more expensive than thermal printing, while laser fax machines are fastest and also most expensive. Canon fax machines are the good choice for small offices. The Canon uses laser technology to send a page in three seconds.

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